Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Create the Mobile Version of a Symfony WebSite

Change the config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php file. Add a new row to the setup method and add a completely new method to the class:
public function setup()

    $this->dispatcher->connect('request.filter_parameters', array($this, 'filterRequestParameters'));

  public function filterRequestParameters(sfEvent $event, $parameters)
    $request = $event->getSubject();

    if(preg_match('#^(?!.*iPad).*(Mobile|Jasmine|Symbian|NetFront|BlackBerry|Opera Mini|Opera Mobi).*$#i', $request->getHttpHeader('User-Agent')))

    return $parameters;
That's all. Now you have to create the mobile version of your layout (layout.mobile.php), your templates (ex. showSuccess.mobile.php), your partials (ex. _menu.mobile.php). Then you can try to open your site with your mobile, or you can use an emulator like Opera Mobile Emulator.

ps: you can use the $request->getRequestFormat() in an action which returns with "mobile".
ps2: Useful urls:
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Disable the Web Debug Toolbar in an Action in Symfony

Simply use...
sfConfig::set('sf_web_debug', false);